Travel to Yosemite This 4th of July Weekend:

What to Pack, Where to Stay, and What to do

Ditch the hectic 4th of July events in the city this 2022 and travel to Yosemite for the ultimate outdoor adventure. Let’s celebrate freedom wandering around the wilderness of Yosemite and camp out and sleep under the stars. It’s the best place to go for 4th of July if you want to get close to nature in the West Coast.

Is Yosemite busy on the 4th of July?

Yosemite, in general, gets busy around summer and more so on the 4th of July weekend, but it does not get too crowded.

Traveling to Yosemite on the 4th of July requires advanced planning. Start planning early before Yosemite hotels and cabins are booked. Check our blog on how to plan your trip to Yosemite.

What to Pack for Yosemite

The amount of preparation and packing you need to do for your travel to Yosemite depends on whether or not you intend to camp. Yosemite will be busy. So we suggest putting off camping. Stay at hotels near Yosemite National Park instead. 


Here are your must-haves for this exciting adventure: 

  • Water Bottles
  • Water Shoes
  • Binoculars
  • Hiking Boots
  • Rain Jacket (It’s summer but just in case!)
  • Hat/Cap
  • Sunglasses (so you look cool in pictures. lol!)
  • Sunscreen (again, it’s summer. Don’t burn.)
  • Light layers of clothing
  • Jackets because it gets cold at night!
  • Trash bags
  • Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Bug spray
  • Maps, compass, field guide, guidebook
  • Camera
  • Trail Food
  • Bear Proof Accessories and bags
  • Daypack or a light backpack for your hike

Where to Stay at Yosemite

Summer in Yosemite, especially 4th of July weekends, will be busy. Hotels in Yosemite get booked at least a year in advanced and camping reservations get snatched up in seconds! On hlolidays and high seasons, the prices skyrocket too. But there are plenty of places to stay outside the park if you can’t get one within the park. 


If you’re flying in and out of Fresno-Yosemite Airport, stay at Fresno City Inn for cheaper, more comfortable accommodation. You can also enjoy all the attractions in Fresno and check out Fresno’s 4th of July events and celebrations while in the city. 


There’s no harm in trying though. So check out these hotels inside Yosemite for future reference:

Ahwahnee Hotel

If you want to splurge, the Ahwahnee Hotel is an excellent high-end option. It’s right in the middle of the Park, and the view of Yosemite Falls and the Half Dome from the hotel is absolutely incredible. Booking can be tricky, though, as they get fully booked fast. 

Yosemite Valley Lodge

It’s probably a little too late for you to book at Yosemite Lodge now, as the lodge also gets booked out up to a year in advance during peak season. But try your luck! A great choice, especially for families, you’ll get a stunning view of the Yosemite Falls and easy access to trail hikes and Yosemite’s best attractions. 

Curry Village

For a cooler, out in the woods vibe, the Curry Village is a great choice. They have cottages, wooden cabins, and canvas tents.


For some real wilderness adventure, go camping! It’s a bit of a hassle to plan a 4th of July camping trip but if you’re up for the challenge, go for it! Check out the park’s camping regulations, guidelines, and reservation instructions HERE

3-Day Beginner-Friendly Travel Itinerary to Yosemite

Day 1: Bike Around Yosemite Valley

Here are our suggested stops and short hikes just within the 12-mile biking trail loop:

  1. Mirror Lake 
  2. Lower Yosemite Falls
  3. Sentinel Beach & Swinging Bridge along the Merced River
  4. Cook’s Meadow Loop Boardwalks

Day 2: Time to Hike!

You can’t leave Yosemite without taking at least one hike! Start your day early and go prepared. Wear the right clothing, fill and bring your water bottles, and get some trail snacks too! 


There are plenty of trails to choose from, but for beginners, we suggest sticking to just the Bridalveil Fall Trail and the Vernal Fall Foot Bridge Trail for the day. 

Day 3: Tioga Road and Tuolomne Meadows

Go for a scenic drive along Tioga Road to Tuolomne Meadows. You’ll pass through granite domes, forests, meadows, and out-of-this-world views. If you go early, you can have lunch at Tuolomne Meadows too!


Head back to Fresno just after lunch, and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your last day and get some rest. Stay at Fresno City Inn, so you’re close to all the fun 4th of July events in or around Fresno. If you’re flying out from Yosemite Airport, it’s a strategic location too! Roads will be busy, and people from the park will probably be driving to town too to leave. So, book early! Our immaculately clean and relaxing rooms will be waiting for you!

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