Things to do in Fresno for couples in Fresno — 3-day Itinerary

Although known as the raisin capital of the world, there’s a lot more that Fresno has to offer than that wrinkly delight. There are plenty of beautiful parks in the city that offer a quiet escape and opportunities for a romantic stroll, but there are also plenty of lively spots with lots to see and do if you want some fun and exciting adventures with your partner. But what if you only have 3 days to spend? To help you plan your romantic getaway, we’ve put together three days’ worth of fun excursions and romantic things to do in Fresno for couples.

How to Navigate through Fresno

Despite its population and bustling city life, Fresno ranks 25th on the most walkable cities in the US. Its public transportation system is straightforward and easy to navigate with available bus lines and several options for car rentals. 

Fresno is also the first city in the Central Valley to be awarded the bronze medal by The League of American Bicyclists. So going around with two wheels is also a good option.

Is Fresno a good place for couples to visit?

If you only have a few days to spend in a city for a romantic getaway, Fresno is one of the best options in California. Because of its relative proximity to the metropolises like LA and San Diego, it is a great place to be if you still love the city vibes but don’t want to bother with too much hustle and bustle. 

3-day Fresno Trip Itinerary:

You won’t run out of date night ideas in Fresno , with a plethora of activities ranging from the wacky to the intimate. From restaurants to parks and even an underground garden that was built by a man that purchased 80 acres of land to create his own underground home, there are lots of fun places to go in Fresno with your love.

Day 1 - Fresno City Adventures

Shinzen Japanese Garden

Found at 114 W Audubon Drive, this serene and peaceful mix of North American and Japanese aesthetics is a great place to visit on your first day. Also known as the Shinzen Friendship Garden, this beautiful spot features both a koi pond and a tea house where you can relax and rest from your travels. The garden was built and maintained by the local Japanese-American community, and was constructed to honor Fresno’s sister city of Kochi, Japan. 


Fresno County Blossom Trail

They say opposites attract. We think that’s especially true at Fresno County Blossom Trail, where lush greenery meets tranquil waterways and still waterfalls. From a vibrant green maze to a tree-lined arboretum, you’ll have plenty of fun photo ops at this park’s picturesque landscapes. There are plenty of great stops on the trail which offer no shortage of interesting things to see for you and your partner. The trail starts blooming in mid-February, so you’ll be right on time when you come on Valentine’s. 

Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater

What could be better than good food and theater? Well, a lot of things! But that’s high up on the list. Depending on the date you go, you can catch Beauty and The Beast and Singin’ In The Rain at Roger Rocka’s. The food is prepared by award-winning Chef Eric de Groot and staff, with buffets on most days and a dinner menu on Fridays and Saturdays.

Day 2 - One day in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park

Yes, we had to add this and you just have to go. Spend the whole day outdoors, exploring the majestic National Park with your loved one. Traverse its scenic trails, admire the views, and reconnect with your partner and nature. Here’s a complete guide on how to spend one day in Yosemite coming from Fresno


The Lime Lite

To finish off the second day, you can enjoy an elegant dinner at The Lime Lite. It is one of Fresno’s top-rated restaurants with New-American menu offerings, and innovative cocktail options. They have a very romantic ambiance with dim lights and exquisite decor where couples can while the night away.

Things to do in Fresno for couples in Fresno — 3-day Itinerary

Day 3: More city hotspots plus beer

Explore Woodward Regional Park

There’s nothing better than a sunny day and a walk through the woods. Just a 10 to 15-minute drive from Fresno City inn, and it’s got everything you need for a truly lovely morning: there are trails to walk, flowers to smell, ponds to explore, and as many squirrels as you can count! Plus, it’s free! So all you have to do is pack up some snacks and get ready for a morning of enjoying nature with your loved one.


Meux Home Museum

Catch a glimpse of how the upper echelons of the 1800s lived their lives by taking a tour of this museum. It is a Victorian-era mansion with period furnishings and was built by Thomas Meux in 1884, and you and your partner can enjoy visiting all 16 rooms with guides in period-appropriate garb. The tour will last around 1 hour and the museum opens their doors from noon until 3:30pm.


Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

If you and your partner enjoy a good beer, then this garden may be the spot for you. The place has a very chill atmosphere, with a fine selection of various beers. It’s across the street from the center field of the Fresno Grizzlies ballpark, and their seasonal beers come highly recommended. They also serve a great selection of snacks that pair well with their drinks.

Other fun and romantic date night ideas Fresno this February

Depending on which day of the month you come, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Fresno for couples this Love Month. Here are our top picks:



If you’re in the city for Valentine’s date, there are plenty of amazing restaurants in Fresno that you have to try


Fresno City Inn is the best place to stay for your romantic three-day getaway. It is a nice cozy place to put your feet up after a long day of exploring the city’s sights. We are located just 15 minutes downtown, so you can easily come and go to do all the exciting things to do in Fresno for couples that you might want to do. We also offer free parking for all occupants, as well as non-smoking rooms.

For reservations, you can call us at 559-222-4445 or simply click the link below to book. We look forward to seeing you!

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